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Top 5 Korean Masks!

Masks represent one of the favorite beauty rituals of Koreans. They are affordable and offer intense care like a professional cosmetic treatment. They are made up of top natural ingredients, designed to satisfy even the most difficult skin types.

Skin care is not just a trend, it's really a necessity, and the right masks will help you get a bright and hydrated skin, acting like a daily mini cosmetic session, at your home.

The first step for correct use would be to read the instructions. After you have determined what the mask is for and if it suits your skin type and your needs, it is very important to check its action time. It will always depend on the type of mask and its ingredients.

We must not leave the mask on longer than the recommended action time. If we leave it longer, it will not double its effect, on the contrary. The essence will be reabsorbed by the mask, instead of remaining in the skin. An equally big problem is if we remove the mask too soon, because a too short action time will not have the promised result.

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There is no exact number of times we need to apply a mask, everything depends on your skin and various factors, such as the outside temperature, hormones, water hardness, etc.

You can start using one mask 3 times a week, and if you are satisfied with the results, you can end up applying one a day.

The masks you can find on our website are specially made to meet the different needs of your skin. Because every day is different, the nutritional ingredients applied to the skin will also be different.

Masks are always applied to clean and prepared skin. Any traces of make-up must be removed. The most effective way to get perfectly clean skin is double cleansing.

There are cotton or cellulose masks, clay masks, bubble masks or peel-off masks. Clean skin is essential for any of these masks. But the method of application can be different. Some masks, such as fabric ones, must be applied after using toner, while others, such as clay ones, are used after double cleansing, without the need to apply toner first.

Clay Mask, Face Mask, Women

When using a sheet mask or napkin, it is important to understand that they are disposable. Even though these continue to be impregnated with the essence, your skin will not continue to absorb it because the mask was designed to be used only once.

Most of the time, you will notice that there is quite a lot of substance left in the envelope. Don't waste it and choose to use this essence on the rest of your body, where you need hydration and nutrients: neck, décolleté, hands, elbows, etc.

Below we present the 5 Top Masks that deeply hydrate and give the skin the dose of nutrients it needs.

Petitfee facial mask with blueberry and agave extracts:

This mask hydrates and soothes tired skin. The product contains a complex of 5 ingredients that provide a dose of energy to your skin:

  • agave extract - cooling;
  • currant extract - calmness;
  • spirulina extract - nutrition;
  • eggplant extract - calming;
  • caffeine extract - cooling.

Petitfee Agave Cooling Face Mask
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SNP facial mask with Gold and Collagen:

This beautifying mask offers the skin incredible anti-wrinkle effects to reduce the effects of aging by tightening and strengthening the skin. The hydrolyzed collagen will provide the nutrition your skin wants and will create a preventive barrier against moisture.

SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask

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Isntree Spot Saver Mugwort Gauze Mask:

This mask contains wormwood extract that effectively soothes irritated skin, fights inflammation and acne, slightly brightens post-acne, regulates sebum production and hydrates, also having a nourishing effect.

Isntree Spot Saver Mugwort Gauze Mask
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FarmStay mask with calamansi extract:

Calamansi extract contains 30 times more vitamin C than lemon, thanks to which it gives tired and dull skin a boost of energy, has strong antioxidant properties, helps the skin get rid of toxins that lead to premature aging and also calms effectively irritated and inflamed skin, eliminates redness.
FarmStay mask with calamansi extract
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IUNIK cream type night mask

This night mask contains 16% propolis extract, 8% sea buckthorn extract and 5% Centella Asiatica leaf extract. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and provides an intense increase in moisture and nutrition to improve tired skin while you sleep, resulting in a brighter and healthier complexion.

IUNIK cream type night mask

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