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Why Korean Cosmetics?

Probably each of us has heard of Korean cosmetics, that is if you are not already in love with them and have been using them for some time. Once applied to the skin, you can feel the superior quality of the ingredients and their miracle.

Korean cosmetics are created to have an effect on all skin types and to solve various skin problems, which is why their ingredients and formula play an important role in their effectiveness. Most Koreans have quite sensitive skin, so cosmetics manufacturers do certain tests and develop formulas as blind as possible, using natural ingredients that are mostly based on centella asiatica, chamomile extract, green tea extract, propolis extract, rice , snail mucin, madecassoside, azulene and other Asian plants suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Natural ingredients

Also, manufacturers have come up with innovative and clinically proven ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid, Volufiline, Idebenone, Peptides and many others. Korean specialists say that a correct skin care routine consists of 10 steps, but this ritual is not mandatory and should not to strictly observe them every day. The idea of ​​the Korean beauty ritual is more about what you can do to help your skin look good. The correct application of cosmetics cleans, prepares and nourishes the skin for a healthy and youthful appearance.

Below you will find out what kind of products to buy and how to use them correctly:

Using a cleansing oil: To remove impurities and make-up.

IUNIK - Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil 200ml (Cleansing Oil)

Using a water-based cleansing gel to remove impurities left in the skin and excess sebum.

Using a toner, to restore the pH of the skin and prepare the skin to absorb the following products applied.

Using essences to regenerate and soothe the skin

Using treatments such as serums or ampoules to treat various skin problems.

Using an eye cream will help reduce dark circles and fine lines.

    Using a moisturizer to seal in all the applied substances and intensely hydrate the skin.

    You don't have to have a routine consisting of 10 steps, the important thing is to give your skin what it needs, vitamins and the best products based on natural ingredients. No matter how many steps your skin care routine has, the important thing is to be consistent in applying them, every morning and night.

    Each of us can have a skin care routine that will benefit us in the long term, regardless of age or gender.

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